Friday, October 14, 2005

Long Overdue: More Pictures

Ok, as with previous picture posts, these are not in order. The top two pictures are from the 6th of October when Dad, Susan & Melz babysat so Erik and I could go out on the town for our anniversary. Melz was in town for her Fall break.

The third picture is from a barbeque we had at the house in August on Amelia's six month birthday. It was all of our friends, their babies & partners that we met through First Weeks. It was a ton of fun. Pictured are Jenn & Chloe, me & Amelia, and Erin & Parker.

The last picture is from late August (I think) on a hike that we went on to a place which will remain nameless because I can't recall the name. Needless to say we did hike, it was very steep, lots of fun and we spent most of the time hanging out eating. That's my kind of hike! Pictured are me & Amelia, Valerie & Kai, Darcy & Clara, and Danielle & Abe. Jenn (and Chloe) took the picture and Rochelle and Gavino were also along.


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