Friday, September 16, 2005

Recent Pictures

Ok, the first picture is from Amelia's first trip to meet her Great-Grandma in Missouri in May. The second picture is from two weeks ago at Nana's. The last two pictures are from this week while we had a brief trip to the cabin. Erik is wearing Amelia in the Bjorn - a favorite thing for her. More pictures to come!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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2:24 PM  
Anonymous Cory said...

Geeeesh. Blogging track-back spam?! I seriously hate the internet. Ick. You should probably disable anonymous commenting. If you can't do that on Blogger, then come on over to LiveJournal (which is where all the cool kids are... i.e. Mels and me). Love, -Cory

11:10 PM  
Blogger Star Girl said...

You can disable anonymous commenting on Blogger, it's just sad that it is necessary since it dissuades the less technical from commenting. I'm sorry you're getting spammed so much. Damn them!!!

8:30 AM  
Blogger Star Girl said...

I wonder if you would get fewer spam comments if you turned off the Google toolbar... that generates more tandom traffic. Though I don't know how blog spammers choose their targets. Also, from the little reading I did it sounds like Blogspot blogs are targeted more than independent blogs. Maybe Cory would let you set up under creative-urge. ;-)

I did a quick search and found some info that might be useful. Apparently Google has put a feature in place specifically to fight blog spam. Log into and under Settings click the Comments link. The 6th setting on that page is "Show word verification for comments" - turn that to Yes and Save Settings. Now people have to type in the word shown in an image which pretty much blocks automated comment spamming. Yea!

If you want to know more about blog spam the Wikipedia entry seems interesting -

8:46 AM  
Blogger Claire said...

God, I am such a Luddite. Although, maybe it is severe sleep depravation that makes this seem like so much work...
I'll look into some of these temporary fixes. Love you both!

5:58 PM  

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