Monday, September 19, 2005

Chow Hound

Are we really surprised? No, we are not. Ms. Amelia is a durn good eater.

Every couple of days she seems to bump up the quantity consumed. Today she ate sweet peas, butternut squash & pork (simmered in tomatillos & green chiles) for lunch and had a peach chaser. For dinner she ate yogurt, more peas, more squash and some rice. She had a little lamb, but just a little, as that doesn't seem to be at the top of her list these days.

Drum roll: I have a prescription for Ambien! Sleep is in my future. We are meeting with Ann on Thursday to create a sleep plan. I'm steeling myself and trying to finish the Healthy Sleep book.

The picture is from last week at the cabin. You might notice it is a companion shot to the Happy Smiling Kid picture a few posts back. I like to think of this shot as an early Cohen "look".


Blogger L&C Melanie Style said...

Oh man, that's so an early Cohen look! She'll get the eyebrow raise next. :P I love the pictures soo much - thanks for posting them!

10:10 PM  
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