Sunday, September 18, 2005

Sleep, ah, Lovely Sleep

Well, I thought I would be positive. Amelia is asleep but it took FOREVER and she wasn't happy about it. I emailed Ann, the amazing woman who co-hosts the First Weeks groups and co-authored a leading book on pregnancy and the postpartem period, about our sleep issues. I'm hoping we can meet with her this week and create a family sleep plan; i.e., baby sleep bootcamp.

We're anticipating a fair amount of crying with the baby sleep bootcamp. Yuck. Last night while she was crying I ate ice cream out of the container and drank whiskey. It was only a very small consolation.

Mom brought over quiche for dinner tonight. It was wonderful to not have to pull something together. The quiche was delicious and it was really nice to eat while Amelia was sleeping. A very rare occurance.


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