Sunday, September 18, 2005

More Pictures

Ok, these pictures are completely out of order:

The first picture was on the 11th of this month at a friend's family cabin up at Stevens Pass. Amelia is greatly offended if you eat without her, so I gave up eating the apple and just gave it to her. She was very pleased.

The second picture is of the Little One, probably from July, napping with her guardian cats. Have I mentioned that the cats are beside themselves when she cries? They yowl and try to comfort her, in their strange cat way. They are usually very close by and Blanquita is almost always in grabbing distance, much to Amelia's pleasure.

The third picture is of Ibra and Amelia from the beginning of August. Amelia and I went to Portland for a week to hang out with Ibra while Rachel was in classes. Ibra was the most amazing big brother to Amelia. He was sweet and kind and figured out how to make her laugh. It was pretty cool.


Blogger Star Girl said...

Yea for pictures! She really is a beautiful baby. Like, more than most babies I mean.

8:31 AM  

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