Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Fresh Start

Well Friends & Family, I'll give it another try. I'm not making any promises though: what with a three year old, a new baby on the way, a new house with a huge garden and small orchard, and trying to get our current house on the market, pack up & move, and all of the other regular "life" stuff.

I'm really excited about getting Amelia even more involved in the gardening this year. The existing bed is approximately 1000 sq. feet, there are probably 8-12 pear and apple trees, an existing raspberry bed that is about 35 feet long and I'm keeping my fingers crossed about what I think are a couple of giant blueberry plants. I have two little baby blueberry plants to add and I'm going to bring along some of my favorite raspberry plants from our WS house. Last year she spent the bulk of the summer wandering between the raspberries and the sugar snaps. So sweet!

I have some seeds germinating and a ton ready to go in the ground this weekend. I'm really excited about a packet I bought from Bountiful Gardens that are all seeds left over from last year in one packet designed as a mystery packet for kids. It should be a blast!

I don't think any major changes will happen to the growing space this year as the season has already started and we'll be busy trying to figure out where to put the fences, gates, etc. to help contain the space a bit.

Amelia has been asking for the last two weeks: "is the dirt ours yet?" She's been dying to get back in to the vegetable garden and start digging!