Friday, February 16, 2007

French Class Today!

Amelia and I are starting a parent/toddler French class this morning. I was debating between Spanish and French and decided to go with French. I miss not speaking it and I don't think it will take too terribly long to get me back up and running (fingers crossed).

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Better late than never.

Well, the last year has been eventful to say the least. Amelia is almost two. I finished grad school. My husband almost died from a random brain bleed in the fall. My mom had major surgery on her hip. We were going to move and packed up; then decided not to and unpacked everything. We're upgrading our kitchen and doing a ton of deferred maintenance on the house. It has been crazy and I've gone into hiding a bit. But things are getting back to normal and Amelia's birthday is just around the corner.

We are throwing a low-key party, no presents, champagne & pastries for the adults, cake & balloons for the kids. No gift-bags, projects, or ponies. I might even clean the house before. ;)

After fixing some technical issues, I've got this thing going again and will post a bit more frequently. I read some past posts and it was really sweet to read as the details often get lost in the day to day.

Amelia is a walking, talking machine! She's just about speaking in sentences: "Mommy, come here!...Please." She is long and lean like her Daddy and super opinionated like her Mom. She's working on her numbers: "One, two, three, five!" and her ABC's: "A, B, C, U, F...". She loves books, the playground and, alas, the TV. I broke down when Erik was in the hospital (17 days in the NICU) and now the TV is our constant companion. Oh, well. I guess 20 months of no TV makes up for it. A little. She is also a raging, and I mean raging, extrovert. She's happiest when we are out and about and with friends and family.